Test Launch of the Idea Café

To test the chairs and tables in the soon to be launched Idea Café we are providing a platform for potential startups to exchange their ideas with management students and faculty

Potential Startups:
1. Krishi Bot: a small, lightweight, semi-autonomous agricultural bot for assisting small farmers. By Vaibhav Thacker, Akhil Jain (MIT) and Arun Shanbhag
2. Silovation: developing an internet-connected grain warehousing technology. By Tanusha Gowswami and Deepen Solanki (MIT)
3. Brusol: A rapid tooth brushing system for the physically challenged. By Jaskirat Kaur, Ayushman Chaudhary and Arun Shanbhag
4. Spine Bed: Developing a customized, low cost spine bed. Ajay A, Jayaraj MB (KMC Manipal)
5. d.Sole: An electronic insole to assess progression of diabetic neuropathy. By Shagun Tulli (KMC Mangaluru), Amit Sattikeri (KMC Mangaluru) and Saisri Akondi (MIT)

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