UX/UI: Getting Started on your Mobile App

Do you have an Idea for building a Mobile application? Then you want to attend this Online Workshop.

Developing an App (application) for mobile is not only about coding the application. It is also about how your App looks and works. These aspects of the App are considered during the UX/UI Design stage of the product building journey. End result will be an App that looks esthetically pleasing and effective for the right user base. Even though an App may be brilliantly coded, satisfying the user’s need is extremely important for the success of any application. So good Design and Development are two sides of the same coin without which a product will not succeed.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) together are the most important aspects of App Development and needs to be done before you consider coding. You don’t need any coding technology for UX/UI. Only after you have finalized the UX/UI, then you can get help to code your App.

In this Workshop, Mr Jeevan Lazarus will guide us on the process to develop the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) for your App.  Jeevan was previously the Head of the Design Team at Robosoft Technologies, where he was involved in some of the most popular Apps on iOS and Android.

Please Register for the Web Conference below.  We will email you the log-in details before the Conference.


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