Idea Café Launch

You have probably heard me talk a lot about this since I first arrived here in Manipal. The time has now come to dedicate this resource to all potential innovators in the Manipal surrounding areas.

Makerspace Manipal

Think. Make. Iterate: Don't just think outside the box, break it, rip it, tear it to pieces, and remake it. From CNC milling machines to Laser cutting, everything you need to MAKE IT. Makerspace Manipal fosters creative thinking and innovation through an open network of students, faculty and community members. We all dream and think,... Continue Reading →

Maya Collapse & Modern Society

What a fascinating piece! Maya Collapse and Modern Society - Reproducing here my comment I placed on the article: Fascinating account of the Mayans. I was particularly drawn by Prof Inomata's hypothesis that building the large pyramids helped the Mayans' build their society. We can see a parallel here in the US with Kennedy's... Continue Reading →

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