UX/UI: Getting Started on your Mobile App

Do you have an Idea for building a Mobile application? Then you want to attend this Online Workshop. Developing an App (application) for mobile is not only about coding the application. It is also about how your App looks and works. These aspects of the App are considered during the UX/UI Design stage of the... Continue Reading →

Manipal Covid Challenge

Announcing Manipal Covid Challenge, an opportunity for all creative minds to get off TikTok, or whatever else you are doing during this Lockdown, and contribute to solving important problems in our society. Deadlines: Phase 1, Ideation, May 18, 2020 Phase 2, Advanced Prototype, June 2020 (Date to be determined based on MAHE Student schedules) Create... Continue Reading →

Makerspace Manipal

Think. Make. Iterate: Don't just think outside the box, break it, rip it, tear it to pieces, and remake it. From CNC milling machines to Laser cutting, everything you need to MAKE IT. Makerspace Manipal fosters creative thinking and innovation through an open network of students, faculty and community members. We all dream and think,... Continue Reading →

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