Manipal Covid Challenge

Announcing Manipal Covid Challenge, an opportunity for all creative minds to get off TikTok, or whatever else you are doing during this Lockdown, and contribute to solving important problems in our society. Deadlines: Phase 1, Ideation, May 18, 2020 Phase 2, Advanced Prototype, June 2020 (Date to be determined based on MAHE Student schedules) Create... Continue Reading →

Idea Café Launch

You have probably heard me talk a lot about this since I first arrived here in Manipal. The time has now come to dedicate this resource to all potential innovators in the Manipal surrounding areas.

Test Launch of the Idea Café

To test the chairs and tables in the soon to be launched Idea Café we are providing a platform for potential startups to exchange their ideas with management students and faculty Potential Startups: 1. Krishi Bot: a small, lightweight, semi-autonomous agricultural bot for assisting small farmers. By Vaibhav Thacker, Akhil Jain (MIT) and Arun Shanbhag... Continue Reading →

Enhancing Vaccine Delivery to the Urban Poor

With the plethora of vaccine and immunization programs currently underway in all countries across the globe, we would expect the contraction rate to be extremely less. The current scenario however, is overwhelmingly different. Statistics given by the World Health Organisation in 2016 suggest that a staggering 46% of the population of the world, is currently... Continue Reading →

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