Makerspace Manipal

Think. Make. Iterate: Don't just think outside the box, break it, rip it, tear it to pieces, and remake it. From CNC milling machines to Laser cutting, everything you need to MAKE IT. Makerspace Manipal fosters creative thinking and innovation through an open network of students, faculty and community members. We all dream and think,... Continue Reading →

Think It, Imagine It

Think it, Imagine it Design it, Make it! Measure it, Mark it, Cut it, Grind it, Bind it, Bend it Chisel it, Hack it, Crack it, Melt it, Glue it, Mend it Plane it, Smooth it, Sand it Test it, Drop it, Kick it Hammer it, Nail it, Burr it, Route it, Edge it, Try... Continue Reading →

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